Friday, November 09, 2007

Still Diwali Time

I can't believe there are even MORE fireworks tonight! They've been going on all day but the big stuff is tonight. Lady says she has only seen these kinds of fireworks done by professionals on the Fourth of July and at the theme parks - not in front of private homes! Huge fireworks burst into several colors high overhead. They also roll out yards of firecrackers and set them off. They take almost thirty minutes to finish popping! My landlord's son said there are 50, 000 crackers in them. Some have 10, 000 or 1,000 crackers. The people across the street are rich so they are setting off the expensive fireworks, and LOTS of them. The neighbor two doors down is also setting off the huge ones. They are so loud! Lady says it sounds like bombs going off. They are so close! They are being lit just 15 feet from our home.
I am glued to Lady and shaking like a leaf. Auntie Al went to church, but Lady wouldn't leave me. I am so glad. She already took me outside before all the loud stuff started, so I am in for the night!! There are NO dogs on the street now. Even cars have to wait for the huge strings of crackers to finish! What a night!

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