Friday, November 02, 2007

Online at Last

The broadband man finally showed up on India time. It's almost as bad as China time. I've been having to write at Aunt K.'s on Sundays. Lady still isn't very happy because her phone isn't working right. She can't call her mommy. And we aren't going to Aunt K.s this Sunday. Lady's praying she can get the phone to work.
Well, I had a traumatic walk with Lady after school today. That big, black, bully with the stumpy tail attacked me again. Last time he left a small hole by my eye. Lady shouldn't see it until it formed a scab. He bit me again but she can't find a hole yet. I sneezed and pawed at my face afterwards, so she thinks he got me. She whacked him on the nose with a stick and he reluctantly backed off. His mommy came out and called him back, but didn't put him in the gate. Several tent children had been walking with us and they ran back. Just a bit up the road, five more small kids ran up to Lady and took her hand.She was walking along with them when she suddenly realized she didn't have her keys!!! Oh, no. Big problem. Did the other tent kids slip them out of her hands? Did she drop them during the melee with the bully-dog? I didn't know. Lady starts praying to God to help us find the keys as we turned around and dashed back up the street. Oh great. Back to the bully. We were looking everywhere and there they were, in the street where she had whacked that bully on his snout. She was so relieved, and started thanking God! Many people were around but no one had noticed the keys! Amazing! Lady says it was God.
I got extra attention because of my difficult time, but no meat. Oh, well.

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