Monday, July 23, 2007

Life in the Guest House

Well, my rug is here, my blankie (part of it at least) is here, my bowls are on the floor, so this must be home for now. Lady has piles and bags of stuff for our new home stacked against the walls. Two other human couples are staying in the same apartment here. They like me, of course. Mr B will be the new principal at Lady's school. Mrs Z will teach music and be the school secretary. They moved out today into their new flat near the school. The other couple from Ft. Worth, Texas are leaving tonight. We hope our flat will be ready soon.
Life so far is pretty much like in China. I sleep with Lady, take her out on daily walks, and introduce her to people. I clean up anything she drops on the floor in the kitchen, and let her know when someone is at the door. I sleep when she goes away. Many humans have come by to visit me. The little humans especially like me. They give me treats so I show off for them. They speak English. The Indians also speak English, but they are a little harder for me to understand, so I just dance, sit, down, and roll on my back until they give me the treat. I'm not sure what they said.
Every morning and evening, I take Lady out for a walk within the hospital compound, where we are living now. There are a lot of stray dogs around, but they pretty much leave me alone. Lady is glad because I am not allowed to play with uninnoculated dogs. And they have fleas. Lady spent a lot of money buying me Advantage flea treatment, and put it on me. A flea got on me but jumped onto Mr. B! He wasn't happy. Something bit my hiney and I chewed the hair off trying to scratch it. Lady doctored it so now it is better, but I have a bald spot. Every morning we meet lots of lovely young Indian girls going to nursing school. Their colorful clothing flows in the breeze. They smile and giggle when I go by. This neighborhood has guards, just like my old neighborhood. They say hello to me, too.
I sure don't get much meat here. There are more vegetarians, like Lady! Can you believe it? I guess I better make more American or Muslim friends if I am going to get my meat! After all, I am just a little dog, and I love meat!

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