Sunday, July 29, 2007

Staying with Aunt K

Well, our flat isn't ready yet and we needed to be out of the guest flat, so we are staying with another teacher from the new school. Aunt A. gave me roast beef and gravy! Of course, Lady mixed it in with my Pedigree dog food to help my constitution. When possible, I pick out the meat and leave the dog food. But with gravy I just eat it all. Aunt A. and Aunt K's house has a huge carport with a gate. They let me stay outside and watch the cat across the street. Some stray dogs and an occasional cow or water buffalo wander by, but I chase them off with my big-dog bark. I'm not allowed ot play with strays. Walks here have been challenging as the strays come running. Last night a pack of ten big dogs came running toward us. It was scary. Lady scooped me up in her arms. Most people carry a big stick when they walk. Lady doesn't want to do that but, after all, I am just a little dog. Maybe dog cookies will work!

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