Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy New Year!

On the last day of 2005, Lady and I tried to do as little as possible. I succeeded, but she worked. I do my part though. She makes the bed, I unmake it. She sweeps the floor,and I unstuff Pooh all over it. She picks up my new toys, and I spread them all out again. She puts my favorite Pooh blanket on the end of the bed, and I drag it all over, leaving fuzz everywhere. So, for a little dog, I stay busy.
Saturday night, Lady went to meet the middle school students at English Corner in the park. Sometimes I get to go, but this night, I stayed home and rested. I love to go and play with the teens and some adults who come each week to practice their spoken English. There are so many good smells and places to explore. When Lady returned, I took her out for a long walk. The stars were bright in the clear sky. Many people had begun their celebration, but this isn't a very big celebration. The big New Year's celebration will be for Spring Festival, or Chinese New Year's later this month. After I finished watering all the light poles and bushes, Lady and I returned home to watch movies and eat treats. I curled up under the warm fuzzy blanket, and fell asleep. The noise of the firecrackers at midnight woke me up! I climbed on Lady's chest and licked her good. I am sure she appreciated it!
I had many adventures in 2005. Lady took me on trips to the countryside several times. We stayed in hotels and ate very well. Her hosts always give me delicious meats! Lady gives me dry dog food and vegetables. We saw so many interesting places and things! While Lady taught middle school students, I waited somewhat patiently on my mat and chewed my toys. These students had never seen anyone like Lady, and they certainly hadn't seen anything like me! They all wanted to have their photo made with me. I am very particular about who I let pick me up, and I let them know that. I did, however, let Lady hold me and we posed for the countless photos. Lady said I must be on my best behavior or I will not be invited on anymore outings!
Lady bought me some "doggles" for my eyes so that the dirt won't get in them when I stick my head out of the vehicle. They also protect my eyes from the sun. I don't like them, but I wear them in the car. Humans think I look very special.
2006 came early, as Lady wanted to go to church. So I took her out for a quick walk before she left. I went back to bed. Lady wanted to spend the first day of the new year with the Chinese Christians at the local church. Taking part in the Lord's Supper is very special. It helps them to remember that Christ died for all. When Lady came home, I took her out for a longer walk around our neighborhood. I have introduced her to many new friends. I am quite unusual you know. There are no other little dogs just like me in our city. It takes us a while to greet all my friends, and water everything that needs it.
I was excited when the twins, Skye and Frannie came to visit. Another teen, Jerry, also came. I can always count on them to shell sunflower seeds and peanuts for me! Skye will play tug of war with me, too! When they left, I walked them to the bus stop.
I'm looking forward to new adventures in 2006, and more holidays! I've had a busy day entertaining my guests, and keeping Lady warm on the sofa. After all, I am just a little dog, and I love my Lady.

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