Tuesday, January 03, 2006

My Christmas 2005

I love holidays! Lady, my human, always cooks a lot which means she also drops a lot on the floor. I do my best to help her clean up! Even though she is vegetarian, she will eat turkey at Christmas if she can get it. Well, since she had five hungry university students from the states visiting for Christmas, she ordered a turkey! Her oven is so small, she had the shop cook it for her. All she had to do was warm it up in the rice cooker. Yum! For brunch we all had pancakes! I love pancakes, especially with peanut butter. I had to wait until everyone had their fill before I had my pancakes. After my nap and the humans came back from somewhere, I helped clean up the floor from dinner preparations. I am thankful she is so messy. Others were watching Polar Express, but not me! I was helping! Lady gave me mashed potatoes, raw carrots with ranch dressing (my favorite), turkey, and a biscuit. I don't like green bean casserole, cranberries, or corn casserole. She also gave me a special dinner of Pedigree Beef Stew on top of my dry food. What a day! Some Chinese teens came over to see me so they stayed for dinner. They ate the traditional dinner with chopsticks! It was their first time to have such food! They left and my friends the twins came over. While they were doing e-mail, we all got to open our stockings! I knew which one was mine because it had my picture on it! I didn't get swords, tea, candy, and magnets as the visiting students did. I got good stuff! Beef sticks, people shaped dog treats, Snoopy squeaky toy, rawhide chews, doggie cookies, a new harness, and a musical Piglet! I love to pounce on it and make it sing! I also got a new stuffed Winnie the Pooh Bear. I really like it. I have already chewed one ear and the nose off, and pulled out a lot of the stuffing, but there's lots more to go! I also got a new blue and red quilted coat. It was cold on Christmas day, but now it has warmed up! Lady still makes me wear a sweater in the early mornings and evenings.
We had so much fun! The students got these wheels they strap on their shoes and they gave Lady a pair! They also gave her a helmet in case she falls. She's kind of old and clumsy. She said she needed a pillow to wear somewhere else! I took the visitors for a walk wearing my Christmas bell and my beautiful red silk coat. Lady got many gifts from her family and friends. I was tired from unwrapping my gifts and playing with all my new toys. Entertaining all my guests is exhausting! They kept coming and going so I have to greet everybody, and see them off. While they sang Christmas songs and prayed, I snuggled up and rested.
They didn't take me to church with them that night, but a bunch of my Chinese friends came back with them! I really like Claude and Jenny. Joe came, too, plus two American friends. Wow! We really had a house full and they all came to see me! Lady served them homemade pumpkin pie and apple pie. I saw her eating fudge, but she doesn't let me eat it. She gave me pie crust, and more treats. It was pretty late when everybody left. I always see my guests off, and take Lady for an evening walk. It was a cool, clear night. We could see the stars. Lady told me about the star that led the wise men to see the baby Jesus. I know all about the true meaning of Christmas. Lady has nativity scenes in the living room. When my guests come to see me, they always look at her scenes, and all her Christmas cards. They act like they have never heard of Jesus before, or seen such cards. But, they like coming to see me, and seeing our tree, Christmas decorations, and eating Lady's Christmas cookies and treats! Lady stayed up for hours cleaning up and doing stuff, but I went on to bed where it was warm. After all, I am just a little dog, and I need my sleep!

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