Saturday, May 18, 2013


Lady went to the Magic Kingdom the first time in California when she was six. She has never outgrown it! Aunty Sheri, who visited us in India, treated her. Aunty's parents treated all of us for our meals!
 From the train station looking at Main Street
 Flat Marlley takes the train to Fantasyland. They've recently remodeled it.
 Pooh! I have a Pooh rug, blankie, coat, and stuffie!
 Lady loved the new Winnie the Pooh ride!

 Aunty Sheri and me on Dumbo
 Flat Marley piloting Dumbo!

Prince Charming Carousel

 Cinderella's castle mosaic
 it's a small world after all!

 A new area in Fantasyland about Beauty and the Beast

 Lady loves car racing. I rode with Aunty Sheri

 Mickey and Minnie Mouse
 Pirate's of the Caribbean
 Poor guy, he's stuffed! Is this what they do to dogs at Disney World?

Jungle Cruise

 Walt Disney & Mickey Mouse statute
 Swiss Family Treehouse

What a day! 


  1. SHE just went to Disney World in FLA in January...big kid.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. My family went to Disney without me, oh the shame!!! Looks like fun!!!

  3. Muffin and I have never been to Disney and we live right up the road! We do sometimes hear their fireworks going off at night. You are so lucky that Flat You got to go. You went on all the best rides there! "I bet you'll be singing it's a small world after all" all day long. That's one catchy tune!

    Glad to hear that Lady is having a great time. I hope you're doing well Marley, I miss you.

    We're heading back to NY next week. We'll be talking to you from there.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  4. you are really getting around glad your mom like the star trek movie our mom and dad loved it too

    urban hounds

  5. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Boy, you had one very busy day there, yep Dad has been there and even as old as he is , said it was still loads of fun!

    The Mad Scots