Sunday, May 19, 2013


Lady rides her bike on the beach about five and a half miles to the area of beach known as "Dog Beach" because pooches are allowed. It happens to be, in Lady's opinion, one of the most naturally beautiful places in the area. It is past the jetties where the fisherman climb on the rocks and try to catch all kinds of fish. It is along the inlet where the salt water mixes with fresh from the river and provides an outlet into the Atlantic Ocean. Humans park their cars in a special park and walk through the dunes to get to the beach. This beach is home to a myriad of wild life well known to Floridians. Dolphins and manatees frolic in the waves. A variety of sea birds scoop and dive, or walk along the shore digging out sand crabs. All kinds of boats and personal water craft enjoy this area. And, this is one of only a very few areas where dogs are welcome. Lady is sad that I couldn't be there with her, so she took some photos of other dogs enjoying the this beach -Lady's most favorite place.
 This is Champ, a three-year-old rescue cutie. Lady had so much fun watching him, she asked his human if she could take his photo.
 Champ couldn't wait to try and catch the bubbles!

 Flat me posed with Champ and his humans. Isn't he handsome?
 He's a lover, too!

Meet Cooper. He has two humans to pull his Radio Flyer red wagon (I'm jealous of the wagon) with all their beach necessities.

 Here's Flat Me with Cooper, under his umbrella. He has the cutest nose! Hope it doesn't get sunburned!
I think full me would really like Cooper!

 Some walk...
Some need some encouragement...
 And some just really want to get in the water!
 What's in the water? Manatees!

 Sharks? No, they are dolphins! But Lady watched as a women reeled in a baby hammerhead shark! Their pooch wanted to play with it!
This is hopefully Flat Me's last week in Florida before he and Lady head home to India. Lady, come home!


  1. What a beautiful beach and what a treat to see real Manatees! We wish the full you were there to enjoy it.

    Maybe Lady will bring you a wagon.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. What a lovely beach. Not long now Marley. Have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Wow, that's some beach! And those lucky little puppers. I would love the beach because I'm a swimmer.

    We hope that Lady has a very good trip back to India. I just know she is going to be soooo excited to see you again Marley. She's gonna be smothering you with love and kisses (ain't that the best!)

    Lily Belle

  4. Just had to come back and wish you a VERY Happy Birthday Marley!

    Lily Belle & Muffin