Saturday, December 08, 2012


Lady packed the fan with carpet cushion covers. The next morning, the rat had chewed a big hole in the carpet but didn't get in. The workers came and took off the protective cage (HA!) and put up wire mesh, like screen. The put clay on the hole previously (unsuccessfully) plugged. The next morning, more rat poop, clay bits all in the sink, second hole unplugged. 
And it continues. The holes are plugged but there is a pesky booger in the house -at least one. Lady keeps hearing the scritchy scratch sounds, and when it knocks things over. Difficult to sleep. She wakes me up. Molly and Ernie, buy your tickets and come dead this rat (or rats)!
I had a bad back day. It's cold. I was naughty and jumped up and down from the sofa while Lady was in meetings. I cried. I still have spots on my skin but the hair is growing back. Lady took me to the White Coats. I had a "feel better" shot and got to ride in the auto rickshaw again. It's cold in Delhi, especially at night! I am feeling much better now. The White Coat put me on vitamins, and continued my meds for my skin.
We're counting the days down until Jesus's Birthday with my Advent calendar.  My stocking is hung but still flat. Some of the big stores are starting to have decorations up.


  1. Oh that pesky rat. We are so coming over to dead it. Wow it would be the bestest Christmas present ever. Squirrels and rats. Glad you are feeling better Marley. Have a super rat free Staurday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. We are sooooo sorry to hear about your back again Marley! (Tho I can't blame you for jumping all around the house with those nasty rats in there.) We're glad that the Vet gave you a feel better shot and it worked. Gotta figure out a way to once and for all get rid of those nasty, nasty things.

    We're counting down the days too and have our stockings hung up. Mommy took a picture of me last night sniffing mine out. I suspect (from my nose) that there is already a little something-something in our stockings. I went and smelled again this morning and the smell is gone. Hummmmmmm, maybe someone moved something in the middle of the night was I wasn't around. Mommy's one pretty smart girl I tell ya.

    We sent you snail mail the other day and home it gets to you soon. Tell Lady, she can put it in your stocking until Christmas morning. Then you can open it. There's a little something special in there just for you and Lady.

    We have an Advent calendar also but it's on the computer. Our next door neighbor here e-mailed it to us and it's beautiful. Everyday we get to create something different on it. It plays pretty music too. We love seeing what each day holds.

    I hope that you have a good weekend and that your back continues to feel better.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  3. Those are some tough rats! We hope you can get rid of them...or at least keep them out before Christmas, or they may get your stocking stuff before you.

    We're sorry to hear about your sore back. You must remember not to jump. But we're glad that you could get a feel better shot.

    XXXOOO Daisy, bella & Roxy

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