Thursday, May 10, 2012


Lady had a day trip today but I wasn't invited. I think I know why. Lady came home smelling like dog (and a few other things). As a matter of fact, I detected TWO different dog smells on her. I gave her a thorough going over. She said they were huge dogs the same color as me. They were friendly. But because they were having a picnic, those guys had to be tied up most of the day. Lady had to hike down the mountain a long way, and would have had to carry me. Speaking of which, Uncle G has offered to get Lady a backpack to help carry me. Lady's been searching online, but it is difficult to find a carrier for my size. Can anyone of you other hotdogs recommend a front or sling carrier that will fit a 24 (and losing) pound wienie dog? I might get to go more places. I am too long for most of the ones we found. I don't think I'd like being on her back. She found an over the shoulder one where my legs would poke through but I am too long. She thinks I'd like that style, but it would probably kill her shoulder. Any advice, hot dogs?


  1. What! A picnic without you?? Marley, just how could that be...

    What a great idea looking around for a carrier! Good luck with finding one tho. Mommy tried all kinds for me too but I was too long, too (ahem.....), too heavy to carry, too cumbersome. We did find a 'baby carriage' for dog's which actually worked out really well. But Mommy had to push me in it, it could not be carried. That would be way toooooo hard for Lady. You got a lot of mountains and stairs in India. Mommy also bought and tried a doggie carry sling but it didn't work out either. Too hard to put on, too hard to get me into it and I didn't like it one bit. (Plus it was very expensive and now sit's in our basement.) Wish I had better ideas for you my friend. Let us know how you make out.

    Lily Belle

    P.S. Check my Blog later. I'm posting something special for you...

  2. Hi Lily Belle pointed me in your direction. Mum loves India so we were really interested to come and meet you. As a Greyhound weighing over 70lb I don't think I'm qualified to help with your carrying gear! Pop over and visit some time. Deccy x

  3. Oh I'm so pleased you called by! Hope we can be friends! Deccy x

  4. That's a good idea about a carrier! Good luck though, Mom looked everywhere for me but none fit right, and I'm only 8lbs
    Dachshund Nola