Friday, May 18, 2012


Only three more days until my Adoption Day/Birthday Pawty on May 20!! Lady and Nan came home from shopping with a bunch of bags! They wouldn't let me see what they were wrapping. I helped Lady get my gift bags ready for my special guests. I'm only having human guests because I don't play nice with real boy dogs, and street dogs don't have all their shots. I love puppies, but they don't have all their shots, either. So, only human guests. Lady's making pupcakes and pupsicles for us! She already made some treats for me -bacon and cheese! I drooled so bad she gave me some to taste.
My bag is out. Lady is starting to pack our suitcases and all the stuff she needs for her school trainings. We are going to two different schools. The first one in Apple Country I have been to, but the second one by Tibet, I have not been to. Lady says it will take us two days to get there.
My pawty is going to be pawsome! If you can't come in the fur, maybe you can be here in thought!
If I haven't told you yet, I will be eleven!


  1. Wow I really wish I could be there for real but no worries! You're going to somewhere near Tibet; you are one lucky & well travelled boy! Deccy x

  2. Wow! 11? You don't look like you are 11 years old! Sounds like Lady is fixing up your party to be amazing. I think we would rather have all humans at our parties, too.

    Have a great trip and an even better birthday!

    Milo and Dixie

  3. Hi Marley,
    Muffin and I tried to buy an airline ticket so we could come to your VIP pawty, but we ran into problems when we had to show our passports. Then they had to call Mommy to tell her what we tried to do and she had to come and pick us up and bring us back home. But we really tried to be there for your most special day. Know that we will be awaiting pawty pictures.

    Lily Belle

    1. Thanks for trying, girls! Would LOVE to have you! Yep, there's paperwork involved when you fly.

  4. You don't look a day over 8!
    Dachshund Nola

    1. Thank you, Nola! I don't feel old, 'cept in the mornings.

  5. Sounds like everything goes pretty well for your big party!
    Kisses and hugs