Sunday, February 12, 2012


 Lady said I could post some photos from her trip to Dubai. An aquarium right inside the mall!
 Lady likes chocolate!
 The tallest building in the world!
 The rest of the tallest building in the world!
 Lady's feet in the Arabian Gulf!
 A seven star hotel!

 The ski slope at the mall from the outside!
 Lady said there's a mosque on every block!

Lady had a great time with her friend Carol. They stayed in a studio apartment and saved money by eating some meals there. They took a two day hop on-hop off bus tour that saved them tons of money in transportation. Dubai is expensive, but very clean and safe, and lots to see and do.


  1. Thanks Marley for posting some pic's from Ladys trip to Dubai. My Uncle Bob likes it there alot. Sure looks like she had a great time! I love the pic of her feet in the water. Are those tat's on her ankles???? Mommy said it is always nice going on vacation but the best part is coming home to those you love! I'm sure Lady felt the same way too :)

    Lily Belle

  2. Lady missed me VERY much. I can tell by all the prezzies. Those are anklets, not tattoos. In India they wear one on both feet.