Saturday, February 11, 2012

I'm Home!

Lady came and picked me up today. I showered her with slobbery kisses, and was quite vocal with my enthusiasm! She brought me prezzies! She gave me some treats and a new elephant! She says it's an early Valentine. She loves me so.


Lady says the camel is hers from Dubai, and the elephant was a gift from her friend in Sri Lanka. The red elephant is MINE MINE ALL MINE!


  1. I'm so happy that you are home again Marley! I've been waiting to hear all about your stay at the Children's Home. I do hope you were a good boy and were not jumping up and down on things. You look wonderful! I'm happy that Lady made it home safe and sound. How awesome that she brought you lots of prezzies too! Your treats sure do look yummy and I love your red elephant. He has such an adorable face (just like you.) You can get in some good snuggling with him. Try not to destuff him right away. I can just imagine how excited you were when you saw Lady. I bet she had tears in her eyes when she saw you too. A joyous homecoming for all. Muffin and I are doing OK. We went running last night (again) on the golf course and I was really fast. Talk to you soon my friend. I know you have a lot of catching up to do!

    Hugs, Lily Belle
    P.S. Tell Lady we'd like to hear about Dubai. My Uncle Bob goes there quite a bit on business.

  2. Aunty told Lady I didn't jump on the furniture, but she's not so sure because that is the first thing I did when she came in! I wanted to get higher to reach her better! But my back is fine and I seem great. Lady will post some photos for you.