Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Vet Visit

I cried a lot this morning. Lady was glad we were headed to the vet. Tinku, the taxi driver, picked us up. I whined the whole way. Lady had my coat on and wrapped me in my black blankie to keep me warm. She paid 4 cents (2 rupees) to see the vet. We didn't have to wait too long. Two huge, aging  retrievers were getting shots. My regular vet wasn't in, but this guy spoke English well. Lady told him the problem and he basically said "he's old." He didn't even examine me!! But Lady persisted and told him that just recently I have been crying in pain up around my shoulders. So, he had me get on the cold metal table and he poked around. He pointed out my curved spine. He said it puts pressure on my joints. He told Lady he would give me an oral pain med for three days, and Vitamin B complex for 10 days. Done. Lady was wishing she had called my regular vet, but we'll try the meds and then see. My meds cost $2.00, and the taxi ride cost $4.00. Tinku stayed with us so he could go get the meds. You have to go to a chemist in the lower bazaar to get them. But we ended up going to three different chemists before we got both meds.
Baby Wyatt came over to play. His dad played tug-of-war with me and my new girlfriend. She's pretty much shredded now, and it looked like snow all over the living room. The baby liked it. Now I'm just hanging out with Lady trying to stay warm.
Lady's been talking to my uncle. He wrecked his motorcycle and his little dogs had to go pick him up and take care of him. They had to go on a very long car ride and stay in a hotel. Cousin Pepper walked into the pet-friendly hotel and promptly did what he shouldn't have. Cousin Casey knew better. Guess who got crated and who got to sleep in the bed? Lady wasn't happy when she found out I had been riding a scooter in Bangalore while she was in the US. So you know she wasn't happy that Uncle rode so far in bad weather. I had to give up scooter riding because it stresses Lady out too much. Oh well. Bangalore was very flat but this city is on a mountain. Our roads are very steep and windy.
Thanks for praying for me. I will keep you posted.

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  1. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Hi Marley, glad you and Lady were able to get to the Vet and that she was persistent to make sure you got examined by the vet. I hope the medicine will help. You made quite a snowstorm! I'm sure Lady is helping you stay warm so that will help too. Hang in there. Will keep you and Lady in prayer.