Thursday, November 10, 2011

Back Together

I'm feeling better. I haven't cried since Lady started giving me the pain meds and Vitamin B Complex. She gives it to me while I am still on the bed by the heater. She doesn't try to move me until the meds have kicked in and I am good and warm.
Last night SHE ran up to me. I guess I forgot I was annoyed. I was actually happy to see her and we rough and tumbled a lot. Two little boys thought she was bothering me and threw rocks at her. Lady told them to stop. They said her name is Tommi. She is a street dog, but cared for. Street dogs are not strays. They stay on the same street and people feed them. They like for the dogs to bark and let them know someone is nearby. The street dogs don't wander unless they are real boys, and there is an eligible female on another street. That's when the fights happen. It gets ugly. If a dog encroaches on another dogs' domain, they fight and it is noisy. Dogs get hurt. In my old city in the south I was bitten twice that way.
Tommi still tried to chew my ears, but I got  her good as well.
Thanks for praying for us.


  1. Anonymous5:12 PM

    dear marley
    we are so happy,that you are better,
    our little weeny had this illness too,and i know how painfull it is.
    ihope,the winter is mild in india,so that he does you no big harm.
    we are all thinking of you and pray,that the pain wont come back
    yours anni with sam and buddy

  2. Thank you. The nighttime temps are already at freezing, but they won't get too much lower. We're okay inside. Lady's worried about when she has to leave me at the Home. I haven't cried yet, but now I have finished the three days of pain medicine.

  3. Anonymous10:13 PM

    What great news Marley to hear that you are feeling better! I am praying for continued good success on the med's. I hope that Lady got Mommy's long e-mail yesterday telling her all about my med's. Sounds like walking around your streets can be hazardous at times. I sure wouldn't want to be in the middle of a dog scuffle. You be careful out there! My Uncle has been to India many times and always takes lot's of pictures to us to look at. We see the cows everywhere as we know they are sacred. But you got monkey's too! I don't know what a monkey is but Mommy said she will show me pictures later today. Right now she is trying to show me by scratching under her arms and making funny noises. She looks pretty strange doing that! Next time Lady leaves you at the Home, please be very careful and NO jumping again. I know it is hard but we want to keep you healthy. You're my far away buddy and I worry. Hope you had a great day as I know it is now night time there and morning here. Hugs, Lily Belle

  4. Thanks, Lily Belle! You can see monkeys on my Sept 8 post. I'm headed out the door to take Lady out for a quickie. Licks, Marley