Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Play Date

Baby Wyatt is much for fun to play with than my girlfriend. She is getting soooo annoying. A guy can't even take care of business without a girl chewing on his ear and jumping all over him. She IS taller than me. I walk right under her to try to escape. When enough is enough, I look up at Lady and she rescues me and picks me up.
Baby Wyatt is so cute! He is a good baby. He doesn't throw tantrums like that other baby who comes a lot. I am a good boy. I don't lick him too much, I don't take his toys, and I stay off of his blanket. I let him pet me and I didn't even growl when he tried to take my toy. That's really good for me.
While the baby was here, the TaTa Sky man came to change our TV box. I was soooo good! Most of the repairmen make Lady put me away. She won't. She says it is my house. But she does put my leash on me and hook me to a chair so they can see where I am. Good grief! I am just a short dobie!

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