Friday, November 04, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Well, I just won't peepee in the house unless I just can't control myself...which is like, never. Okay, maybe on occasion when I was drugged and in pain. So, I have to don my sweater or coat and brave the elements. And it is not even that cold yet! ButI like to get out early. We're never alone. This one toothless old human totters along with his monkey stick, wrapped snugly in a woven wool shawl, and asks Lady the same questions every time he sees us. What's your name? Where are you from? Where do you stay? What do you do? What kind of dog is that? At first, Lady couldn't understand all his questions, but now she can, and she can reply. He smiles his toothless grin, nods, and mutters on his way. Another old man we often see has his head wrapped in a woolen scarf, and looks dapper in his patterned sweater. He speaks English very well, but he also forgets what he has asked us. And it is a good day when nobody yells at me for doing what dogs do, uh, doo. Hey, I perform a public service by watering the trees and bushes! There's no poop pick-up law here, but Lady makes sure my business isn't where someone can step in it.
PTL, we didn't see my ex-girlfriend this morning. Yes, ex. I am totally fed up with her chewing on my ears despite my vocal protests! It's so annoying! She won't let me dance with her, so what's the point? She makes it extremely difficult to take care of personal matters. She just won't listen. She wags her tail and thinks she's so cute. Well, she is, but sometimes cute is annoying! She hasn't figured out that I broke up with her.
We had house guests last night. Bill, from Apple Country called and said he, his brother-in-law, and his mother-in-law were in town to see a doctor and needed to stay the night with us. Lady said sure. No Pallu though. She and Rae stayed home. Rae's mother has been having pains for awhile, and the doctor three hours away from them can't seem to make a diagnosis and help her. So they had to make that long journey here to go to the local hospital. Lady made pancakes for them this morning. Of course she made some for me, but I don't use syrup. I like them plain.
After I come back from my walk, I settle in for my morning nap. I got up to say good-bye and my blankie came with me.

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  1. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Hi Marley, you look very warm under your blankie. Our doxie likes to do the same after being outside in the cold. Nothing better than being under a blanket for a good nap. Have a good weekend.