Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shake Shake Shake

That's me. My nightmare continues. The sky is exploding. Bombs are going off right below my balcony. Thousands of firecrackers are popping. I hate Divali. Our neighborhood is all lit up like Christmas. Seems like everybody is outside popping crackers and shooting off fireworks. I'm wrapped in my new double-thick blankie, and cuddled up with Lady next to the heater. Still shaking. Lady doesn't know what else to do for me. We ate our dinner on the living room floor so I could sit with her.
I hate Divali. Festival of Lights? No, for me it's a festival of frights!


  1. Marley, it's your loyal reader, Molly, from San Francisco. I am in Minneapolis at my grandma's house for Diwali. We were the only family in our subdivision last night to set off fireworks. Only 2 cones, but when they made noise, I barked from the window. My mom doesn't like fireworks, either. When she lived in Taiwan, she hated Chinese New Year. She hid in her apartment to stay away from the noise. Hang in there, Marley. Happy Diwali!

  2. Thank you, Molly. I survived.

  3. Marley, it's dedicated readers, Molly, coming from San Francisco. I will be within Mpls within my grandmother's property pertaining to Diwali. We were the sole loved ones in your community yesterday evening to put away from fireworks. Only two cones, but when they made sound, I barked from your eye-port.
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