Friday, October 28, 2011

Diwali Aftermath

Man! It's hard to navigate around all the mess, so I just pee on it. I think the worst is over. Here are some photos from the night, and the morning after.
View from my balcony

View the other way

Those decorations are made with sand and are called rangolis. There are also clay oil lamps that the landlady's grown-up kids lit. They set off soooo many crackers and bombs right under our living room window!

You can see the mess it leaves. My girlfriend came by to visit.

I like her, but it is annoying when she bites my ears. I just want to dance.

The whole street looks like this, but the sweepers will come and clean most of it up.

Here is another example of a rangoli. all of the homes have them somewhere.

Hmmm. Good place to mark, but Lady won't let me because they recycle.

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