Friday, February 11, 2011

Delayed and Detoured

Well, Lady called. She's been delayed from coming come. She is now in another country until she can get back into India. She won't be back until next month. Christy's mom told her not to worry about me. I'm fine. I know she misses me terribly. She said she is busy in her new place. She's staying in a guest house. She's doing the same kind of things she does here, training teachers, and working with kids. She's making new friends, too. I miss my Lady, but I'm okay.


  1. Finebyme1:35 AM

    Oh my... I would SO miss my little doxie. Glad to hear you are doing good while away from Marley

  2. Marley, We hope the time passes quickly for you and that you are with your Lady soon. We are thinking of you.
    Lynn & Buddy