Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's Too Cold for a Little Dog With Back Issues

Lady called me today. Good thing she didn't call yesterday as she had planned. Yesterday was bad. Christy cried. I just could get my legs to work, and I cried. A lot. Her daddy called my vet. I'm out of feel better pills. He said he can't get them as they are imported. He said to bring me in and he'd help me feel better. So, tomorrow I am going. Lady told him where to get the feel better pills. I can't take them AND have injections too. It's been in the low 20's every night and in the thirties and low 40's during the day. I wouldn't eat yesterday, so today they cooked chicken for me. I feel much better today, and I can walk. How long does winter last, anyway? It makes em ache so. And Lady saw more snow in the forecast. It doesn't stick long, but it is so cold. Aunty told Lady not to worry about me. She does, you know.
At the end of the month my Christy is going to live at her school so she can concentrate on her studies. That stinks. She's my bud. I have been keeping Aunty company though because she has a broken leg. Sure wish my Lady would come home.
I'll let you know how the vet visit goes. Thanks for thinking of me.


  1. My Millie Mae had a ruptured disc two years ago. She was operated on at Oklhoma State University Vet Med Hospital. She is doing well for being 10 years old. She is @ about 85% of what she was before her surgery. Sounds like you need a Doxie Back Doctor. Bring him here they do two Doxie back surgeries a week. Get to feeling better. BK

  2. I am so glad Millie Mae is doing well! I will be ten soon, too! From what Lady has learned, the long flight to the US would be very hard on me-hard on my kidneys, but she's equally worried about me having surgery here. My vets don't think I need it yet. They don't do doggie MRI's here though.

  3. Marley
    Stay warm and think Spring! We hope you feel better soon.

    Lynn & Buddy