Thursday, July 01, 2010


So I'm eating again. I held out for the good stuff but got hungry. This morning I did not want to take Lady out in the rain. Even when it stopped, I didn't want to go. She tried to drag me, but despite having my raincoat on I just didn't want to go. She thinks I'll bust. I won't. I went but I am not telling where!
Lady's going camping this weekend so just Jerry and I will be here. We'll just hang and watch movies, chase flies, play tug-o war and eat. She makes me chappattis, rice and dahl! It's a gray day but not hot! As a matter of fact I am a bit chilly so Lady put my tee shirt on.

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  1. Oh we do not like going out in the rain either. What are these humans thinking?? Don't they know they could drown??? Thank goodness they have us for protection.