Monday, July 05, 2010

Lady's Back!

Lady went tent camping for the weekend and brought back some photos to show me. I thought you might like to see. I sure missed her. Jerry stayed with me, but I missed my Lady. I moped. Jerry slept with me in the living room on the floor because I wouldn't go to bed. Lady might come home. I was very vocal when she came home Sunday morning!
Lady celebrated Independence Day with human friends. She brought me back a piece of fried chicken! Yum. Lady's friends are carnivores like me, but she is vegetarian. They feel sorry for me so they give me an occasional piece of meat!
This is where they set up camp above the riverbank. They could look out their tents and see the river. Lady said those weeds are what they call, "weed!"

This is the river Lady camped by. They also went white water rafting on it. Looks very deep and fast to me. Lady said she played in the sand! That would have been fun!

Lady and her friends went trekking into a gorge to see a cave, but the cave was nowhere near as interesting as the gorge and the stream.

Lady said it was very beautiful. They even soaked in hot springs!
When it is not safe for little dogs, Lady leaves me with Jerry. I miss her, but that's just fine- especially when I get meat upon her return!
Well, it has been pouring down rain since yesterday. I don't want to go out -raincoat or not. I'm going back to bed!

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