Saturday, June 26, 2010

Afternoon Walk

This morning, I had to wear my raincoat because it had just stopped raining. I have a tendency to get quite muddy due to being so low to the ground. But the sun came out before time to take Lady out for her afternoon walk. Thought you might like to see some of what I see, or don't see. Street dogs were plentiful in my last two cities in India. In my last neighborhood, we always ran into five or six other house dogs taking their humans for a walk. We've seen one. I get a lot of looks. And the kids walk on the other side of the road. Our lane is very narrow, as are all the lanes. Not much room when a car comes. Lady says I am not "car smart." She has me in a harness for a reason. She has to yank me out of the way. On our lane, there are lots of good smells and stuff to sniff and mark. It takes awhile. We have colorful, fancy gates on our lane. Thought you might like to see some. Ours is ordinary.Sooo many tires to choose from!

Almost all of the homes on our lane have gates.

Treat! Chappatti! Worth jumping for, although i am not supposed to jump up any more on account of my back issues.

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