Thursday, July 24, 2008

More Street Life

When Lady comes out with her camera, the kids come running. They want her to take their photo.

Oops! Every morning we see seens like this on our street. I take my bath inside with warm water.
There are several big, black and tan dogs on my street.Most don't try to mess with me anymore. Lady's friend, an older man, feeds this guy and the other black guys, plus their mother. He is very kind. He won't let them mess with me. He scolds them for being rude to me. The black bully that bit me on the butt doesn't live on my street, but he looks like this one.

Not on the lips!!
This is the big bully that bit me on the ear and neck recently. I am all healed now, thank you.
This guy lies in the middle of the road, protecting his territory.
This black guy doesn't really belong on our street. Raju tries to run him off. We heard them all night last night! Street dogs are very territorial. They will bark like crazy when other dogs come on their street. This isn't my girlfriend, but I try. She's just doin gher morning exercises.

Lady calls this pup Hope. There are two more just like her. One moved to another street. Faith is still here. Their mother is the one who torments and teases me.

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