Friday, December 14, 2007

My Stocking

My stocking was in the box that finally came from China. We don't have a chimney, or even a banister. In the case, you can see where we have received some Christmas cards from friends in America. Lady gets so excited whenever she gets a card! That's usually my role! I'm excited every time Lady walks in the door. Notice our new potted plant? A family moving to Thailand gave it to us! Thank you A & M!

It's a lot warmer here in India than it was in China. By now I was always wearing a sweater or a coat. Sometimes I even walked in the snow and wore my sweater AND a coat. It's chilly in the mornings and evenings, but very warm during the day.

We're both excited about our first Christmas in India. Lady has two Christmas functions tomorrow. She is having lunch with her Korean student's family, and then going to a church's Christmas dinner with Pastor Sam. Monday, her ESL class will be coming over for their Christmas party. I love Christmas parties! We're also planning our party for the tent kids. Every day they ask for food and clothing. Lady's students gave some candy to give them. We hope to give each family a blanket, a hot meal, and some provisions. Of course, I am planning the street dog party. I'll be giving out doggie cookies and flea spray. For Christmas Eve, Lady and I have been invited over to Auntie Beth's to spend the night! I'm taking my stocking! And my blankie, and my rug, and my Pooh coat, and my doggie dishes...

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