Friday, December 14, 2007

My Box Finally Came!

Our tree was a little bare, but yesterday, my box with all our Christmas ornaments and decorations arrived from China. We've been waiting for months! It had been opened but we think everything is there. Lady was most concerned about her handmade ornaments by her Gram. They are precious to her. She also has ornaments made by other family members, friends, and former students. Some of them Lady made. She also has ornaments from different parts of the world. She used to leave these packed in a box at my American grandma's home, but she decided to keep them with her and use them. The tree holds many memories that way. I have several ornaments on the tree. I have an apple with my name on it from my first Christmas with Lady. I have a stocking ornament with my picture in it! Speaking of stockings, that's what I was concerned about. Where would Santa put my presents? If you want to see photos from past Christmases, check my archives. Lady was glad to get some of her craft materials in the box. She had her class Christmas party today. I got to go after school to help Lady pack up. I got some of the gingerbread stable the kids made. Auntie Beth not only brought the gingerbread stables, she also brought candy canes. She told them the candy cane story. I already know that story. We used it in China last year to share the true meaning of Christmas. Lady and her friends gave out thousands of candy canes with the Christmas message. We had so many Christmas parties last year. So many of the Chinese wanted to know about how Americans celebrate Christmas. I think they just wanted Lady's cookies. Now that her cookie cutters have arrived, she will be baking some Christmas cookies! She makes a batch of doggie cookies just for me. I will share them with the street dogs.
Auntie Al left for America, but we don't know if she has arrived yet. We miss her.

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