Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Today we went to the tent families to distribute shoes that Auntie Al's mom had sent, plus some Lady had bought. We saw them Sunday afternoon. This little one was sick because she was so cold, so Ladyand I went back and took them some more clothes. They like me. Lady and I walk by their village every day. They run out to see if Lady has any biscuits (cookies) to give them. While there I ate some poop and now I am not feeling well. Lady was furious with me. What can I say? I am a dog. Lady can tell I don't feel well because I didn't dance for Beggin' Bacon Strips (my favorite). I am droopy. I wanted to go unstairs and see our landlady but I didn't want to climb the stairs. Lady wouldn't carry me. I just stood therewaiting for her to come carry me, but she wouldn't. The other little one in the photo is wearing some clothes we brought her, and the new shoes. Pastor S. went with us to translate. He speaks several languages. Not all of the tent families speak the same language. Some speak Telagu or Tamil, or the local language. We are going to serve a meal to these families on Dec. 21st. It's a Muslim holiday so they won't be working, but they will work on Christmas. They do construction work and follow the work. They set up their tents near the construction site. While their, one of the moms used the pastor to translate for her. She had tried to tell Lady the other night that when we gave away gift bags on Children's Day, women from the other tent village snatched the bags from three of their kids. It may be true, it may not. Lady saw them with the bags. Sometimes they hide what we give them to try to get more. The children claim they didn't get any shoes when they have them behind their back. We have seen moms snatch gifts right out of the hands of little kids and give them to their own kids. Lady gets mad. She tries to give to all of them, and she knows who she has given to. Still, they will claim they didn't get anything. Sometimes it gets really cutthroat as they push and shove and even grab at Lady's bags. Lady says we have to remember that they are poor, and are just trying to do the best they can for their kids.

I share, too. I shared some of my Pedigree dogf ood with one of the street dogs. She had a litter of pups but they died. Our neighbor wanted to build up her strength. Now she's gone. I have donated to other mom dogs as well. Lady says I should share with the poor street dogs.

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