Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Christmastime is Coming!

How do you like my new tree? It's short like me. Lady still isn't used to the prices here. We had a much nicer tree in China, but I like this one just fine. My stocking is somewhere between China and here. I sure hope it gets here. All of our decorations are in that box, so we only have a few decorations right now. Lady wanted to decorate now because Auntie Al will be going home for Christmas soon. Auntie Al popped popcorn to string on the tree, but they ate it.
Well, I am all up to date on my rabies shots. Lady took me ot the White Coats here. I was hoping they didn't have White Coats in India. If you have been reading my blog, you know how I feel about going ot the White Coats. I thought we were out for a nice ride with friends. Millie, the cutest little wire-haired dachshund you have EVER laid eyes on, was also in the car. Well, as soon as we entered the building, I figured out where we were. White Coats hurt little dogs. They stick us with needles. This White Coat was no different, except he spoke English instead of Chinese. I was good. I didn't bite him. Millie cried. She also got her second rabies series, and had her nails done. I won't let them touch my nails, but she's a female. I can't wait until Friday! Millie is coming for a sleepover until Monday! Her humans are going out of town. I can't wait until she grows up! I will be sure and post some photos.
My human grandparents in Florida sent me two Christmas gifts! I have to wait. Auntie Susan in Florida sent me my favorite Beggin' Strips. Lady gave me some to help me feel better about getting stuck in the you-know-where.
It's cold in the mornings and evenings, at least it is for little dogs. I wear my Pooh coat. But, it is nowhere near as cold as China. You can check my archives and see photos of me walking in snow! It doesn't snow here. It's hot during the day.
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