Sunday, October 21, 2007

In the 'Hood

This little guy runs out whenever we walk by. They live on the backside of our block. Lady took her camera out this morning, and all the kids wanted their photo taken. This little guy always cries out, "Auntie, bye! Auntie, bye!" over and over again. It rained and poured yesterday and last night. I didn't want to go out, so I peed on the landlord's car tire. Lady washes away the evidence. I woke Lady up very early again. Ha! She thought she would be able to sleep late during her week off! Well, this little dog needs to go take care of business whether it is vacation time or not. I know just how to get Lady to get up. I Stand on her chest, pull the covers off her face and lick her until she relents.
The humans here aren't used to little dogs like me. The street dogs are big, the dogs humans get are very big. So, they actually ask Lady if I am full grown! They ask how big I am going to get! Yeah, like I am going to grow long legs and become a doberman!
Lady loves me. I know because she bought ground chicken for me and cooked it for me!! She has a special pan for cooking meat, and a special spatula as well. I know she loves me because she gave me some cheese pizza from Domino's last night. Auntie Al and Lady were trying to make the most of the last days of their holiday. I am atAuntie K.'s now and will wait while they go to big church. Somebody's got to hold down the fort!

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