Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Lady has the whole week off! Yipeee! She took a day trip to a nearby city to see a palace. She left very early in the morning and didn't take me. She did take me out to take care of business before she left. The Landlord's sons came down to take me out later in the morning. I hid. I am not supposed to leave my house without Lady. I love Sucil. She gives me chicken parts. So I followed her upstairs, hoping for some chicken. Every morning I run up the stairs in search of chicken. Some days I am rewarded and some days rejected. After a while of lounging around on the porch, I took the boys for a walk around the 'hood. They carried Lady's stick, that reminds the street dogs not to mess with me. We saw my friends Doe and Dino. And, of course i had ot dodge the buffalo piles. The are huge and very green!
Lady came home about 9:00 pm, so I took her out for a walk. The little tent children run and greet us and grab Lady's hands to walk with us. She sings songs with them as we walk. Children's Day is Nov. 14th. Lady's students are planning to do something for the tent kids. They are learning to speak the local language. So am I. I will learn whatever gets me meat. The students will sing some songsthey are learning. They are preparing gifts for the kids. Yesterday, Auntie Al, Lady, and a friend gave away some used clothing to the boys on the street. They were so happy to have Spiderman shirts, jeans, and plaid boxers. The girls got candy and stickers. Lady doesn't have enough clothes for all the girls yet. She is trying to collect some baby clothes because they either have on a shirt or nothing at all. The moms came out and begged for the tee shirts even though they swallowed the little boys. One of the older boys really wanted this hooded red jacket that was too small. He wanted ot try it on so Lady let him. He was convinced it fit him. He was so happy to have htat jacket! His mom was so happy she made a funny trilling sound. Lady felt bad she didn't have more clothes, but she is working on it. We see them every day and do what we can. I donate treats and dogfood, and flea treatment to my friends on the street. I try to set an example and not poop where humans can step in it, but the street dogs and the humans still need improvement in that area. Lady has paintings in our home painted by the kids on day - on Gandhi's birthday. The loved the watercolors and used up the whole palette! Lady bought them nice brushes but is not sure what they did with them. Now they come up to her and say, "Auntie, paint?" Or they say, "Auntie biscuit?" "Auntie, chocolate?" And most recently, "Auntie bate?" That means clothes. They need clothes.
Lady found out that a government school picks them up at 10:00 am and takes them to a school and feeds them. They come back at 2:00pm. Some of our neighbors are very kind to these poor kids, and give them leftover food, and cookies. The children sweep the driveway and get some treats for their work. Lady thinks the children are beautiful. She says God loves them so much. But they don't even know it.
I like having Lady home, but she stays busy. I go with her as much as possible. For some reason, I am not allowed to do my own shopping here as I was in China. I don't know why. Oh well. After all, I am just a little dog.

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