Sunday, August 12, 2007


I got in trouble again. Lady came home to find I had been rummaging in the trash. It wasn't the one with food scraps in it. She put a mop on top of that one so I couldn't get it open. I got in the one for paper and plastics. I littered the whole kitchen floor. Lady had come home with Aunt K., Aunt A., and the girls. Instead of getting to play with the girls, I got a scolding and time out. Lady follows the one minute per year time frame, so I was released after six minutes, but it seemed like forever. You'd think I'd learn. But this morning, I stayed at Aunt K.'s while they went to big church and guess what? Yep. I got into Aunt's trash. Scolded again.

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  1. Just wanted to let you and lady know I think of you ofter and talk to Father about you both. I am glad you have rejoined Lady - I know you both missed eachother. Tell lady to email me - I have some friends coming to India in November - I wonder if it is close to you? Have a great day - Zoe (my little black dachshund) say Bark Bark!

    Your sister - Carole from Georgia