Sunday, August 05, 2007

Our Home

This is our new home -the whole house. Earlier, Lady posted a picture of only the ground floor. Now you can see the whole house. We live on the ground floor, the landlord's family on the first floor, and there are two small flats on the second floor. In one efficiency, a school volunteer "Aunt Al" will live. She's coming in about a week. Lady and I will watch out for her. Maybe I will even take her for walks. It is still challenging to walk in our 'hood. There are so many street dogs. They aren't very friendly. Lady's friends, T & T, walked with us Friday night and showed us how to keep the street dogs away from me. We have to establish a route, and carry a big stick. Lady has to yell, "hey!" This morning, Lady's stick was missing, so we had a harder time walking to church. I stayed at Aunt K.'s while they went to church. Later, I got to stare at that crazy cat. I love going to Aunt K.'s. I got into Aunt K.'s trash and put a n empty tuna can on her sofa. Busted. I guess i should have put it back. Aunt K. didn't even scold me but Lady sure wasn't happy. I am supposed to be a good boy while I am visiting. After all, I am just a little dog and that smell was so strong!
The other challenge to walking is the mud. I wore my raincoat this morning, so that helps me keep from getting totally muddy, but not much.

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