Friday, August 03, 2007

My New Door

I love my new door! I can see out! There's a

lso a thick wooden door with lots of locks on it, but when Lady's home, I can use this one! My first night was a long one. I heard ever sound, everytime the landlords went up or down, all the neighbors, all the dogs...And Lady was so conscious of me responding to all the new sounds that she didn't sleep much. My second night was better. I am more used to my surroundings. As soon as I got here, I checked EVERYTHING out. Then, I climbed thestairs and went in the landlord's home and checked every room. Then, I climbed the stairs and checked out the room on the top floor and the roof! I checked out everything I could. In the mornings, I climb the stairs to great the landlord's family. Of course, they like me. But, they haven't given me any meat. Lady bought me a new blankie, since she cut my apart to make it small enough to bring. I really like it. I have a new rug as well. We don't have internet yet so it may be awhile before we can post regularly. But, we're in our home now. Lady says we don't have to move again for a long time. I sure hope not. But for me, home is where my rugs, my blankie, my bowls, and my Lady are.

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