Thursday, July 20, 2006

Torch Festival

Each year, the Yi People hold a Torch or FIre Festival, so called because they burn torches or bon fires. There is a lot of dancing and singing as well. Our neighborhood holds a FIre Festival each year and we usually go. But not this year. My American friends went, and had front row seats. They even had to give a speech and sing a song! Ha! Happens to us all the time, but my friends were surprised! Well, Lady and I stayed home. I had three shots in my hiney and I am so sore I can't climb the stairs, and I can barely walk. I even cry when Lady picks me up. She had to carry me all the way home last night because I was just too sore to walk. She even had to help me up on the bed last night. She says I'm pitiful. I don't know what that means but if it means I don't feel good then she's right. I heard the White Coat say he'd see me next week. I do understand Chinese you know. I do not want to go back, even if Lady does give me a treat. And the White Coat told Lady not to give me beef or chickenNo beef? No Beef? ! She doesn't like me to have pork. What's a little dog to do? She says I have to eat my Pedigree dog chow.
Well, anyway, my friends enjoyed the performances at the Torch Festival, and I enjoyed the performances at the Talent Show. Today is the last day of the English Summer Camp. Lady wants me to go with her so she can keep an eye on me. Oh boy! I love to go!

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