Thursday, July 20, 2006

Today is the AMerican teachers' last day. The leaders of the university gave them a wonderful farewell- thank- you banquet. I didn't go, but I am feeling better. The university presented the teachers with a lovely gift and a beautiful memory book with photos from the program! The teachers received many gifts in the last two days. April wins the prize for the most unusual gift. Because it is animal parts, she can't take it to the states. Guess who gets it! Lady says I am not allowed to tell you what it is, but here it is considered a delicacy, and good for men. We can't figure out why they gave it to April. Lady has been given many unusual gifts, but April's gift is most definitely the MOST unusual! The teachers are now trying to fit all their gifts in their luggage allowance. One teacher gave Lady her box of Dove dark chocolate! Lady was so happy! My packed bag is by the door, so that means I am going on a trip. I'll write more when I get back.You can write me, you know.  Posted by Picasa

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