Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Home Again!

I'm home! I am so happy to be back in my own home, my own chair, and Lady's lap. I don't know where Lady has been but her bags are back. She brought back more than she took away! Best of all, she brought me gifts! She brought me a chew bone and some delicious treats.
I could tell that I was leaving again today. My bowl was empty, my bag was packed and by the door. When Lady came in Michael's home I jumped and jumped on her. I gave her face a good cleaning with all my kisses. Michael's family laughed at me and took even more photos. They love me and were sad that I was leaving. Even Grandmother loves me. Michael's Mom even made sausage just for me. She sent some home with me, which is a good thing, since Lady is a vegetarian and won't make me any. Lady noticed that I am fatter than when I left. She was so glad I didn't pick up Buffalo mange again. She thinks I look really good.
Michael told stories about me. He told Lady that he left me in the living room to sleep. Fat chance. I was too cold, so I went to Michael's door and scratched till he let me in. I jumped up in his bed and climbed under the covers. After that, I got to sleep with Michael, his little brother Tom, and even his dad. Michael's dad told how clever I am. Well, of course Lady already knows that. Michael said I was an alarm clock. I woke him up at the same time every day! I stood on his chest and licked his face. Works every time. Tom took me out for a walk every morning. They live on the school campus where Michael's father is an English teacher. All the students admired me and wanted to pet me. Some tried to take me from Tom, but I wouldn't budge. I know who I am supposed to be with and I won't go with anyone else. Michael is already back in school, but Tom has more holiday left. They are still out for Chinese New Year. We had a great time, but Michael's dad had to go to the hospital for five days. He is better. I helped take care of him after he came home.
My little friend Kristin came with Lady to pick me up. She and her mama, Amy, come every year to visit. She and Lady taught English together back in 1996-1998 in another city. Kristin speaks Chinese to me. She has really grown since last year. She just turned seven, so she is older than I am. Kristin wants me to play with her, but now that I am back with my Lady, I am sticking very close to her. I enjoy my vacations, but I make it very clear that I am happy to be back in my own home with my Lady. After all, I am just a little dog, and Lady is mine.

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