Friday, January 06, 2006

TV Star

I'm going to be on local television! The producers are doing a feature on me and my life in China! The researcher and camerman visited my home yesterday and today. They filmed me showing how well trained Lady is when I get her to give me treats. They followed me to the market today to buy vegetables. It was so cold and rainy that I had to wear a sweater and my new quilted coat. I got so muddy! I took them through my market past the large bags of rice where I once got in trouble for teeteeing on one of the bags. The seller chased after Lady and made her pay money. The commotion quickly drew a large crowd. Lady just wanted to pay the money and get out of there. She apologized for me, and they accepted (the money). Once I lifted my leg on a brand new bucket but I didn't get caught. Lady scolded me though.
I showed them where we buy flour, and where we don't buy meat. I always scrounge around trying to find scraps the butchers drop, but lady snatches me away before I can succeed. Huge chunks of fat, and pork hang on hooks and lay on plywood boards. Each time we pass through the meat section,Lady says she is glad she is vegetarian. I lead them past the chicken cages, and tubs of fish, baskets of fresh eggs, bags of chili peppers and other dried things. We pass the meat grinder, and find the vegetables Lady wants to buy for soup. Around the corner from the meat section are the fruit vendors. Lady chooses some tangerines, and I check out the ground for dropped snack foods sold on the same street. They fry potatos and add chili and onions. Other vendors fry rice, and corn cakes.
I led the camera crew around my neighborhood and demonstrated how I water and fertilize the trees, and check out all the interesting odors. I stopped by my favorite restaurants, and shops where I sometimes do my own shopping. I know which stores keep their sausages down low where I can choose my own before Lady can do anything about it. I show them my kindergarten, and the foot massage and tea house. I love to go there, but we didn't go today.
Lady is going to be in the show, too. They followed her this morning to the mountain top. She loves to climb up there early in the mornings and enjoy the fresh air and God's creation. I stayed home in my warm fuzzy blanket. It was too cold for me!
They asked Lady all kinds of questions as I tried to get their attention back on me. I dragged Lady's fuzzy blanket off her bed and down the hall to where they were. Lady was not impressed. I carried my Pooh bear in the living room and pulled fuzz out all over the floor, but they kept talking to Lady. So, I got my noisiest toys that sing a silly song when I bite it. That didn't work either, so I jumped up in the camerman's lap. That got his attention! This show is about me, isn't it?
Tomorrow night they will go with me to my English Corner in the park. But, I don't think many humans will come since it is so cold. Still, they want to see my life. After all, I am just a little dog who is very clever and very loved.

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