Thursday, January 12, 2006

More Birthday Celebrations

After a long day of teaching at the two kindergartens, Lady and I went to one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants to meet her adult English Corner friends. A TV camera man and a reported came with us. All of the EC members were there, including Linda's human daughter, Kaylee. Kaylee, a third grader, loves to play with me. She loves Lady. I've stayed with her before, but she wouldn't go to sleep for watching me, so I can't sleep over with her unless she is out of school.
Lady ordered all her favorites at this restaurant including granny potatoes (like mashed potatoes with chili peppers), fish sauce eggplant, french fries, spinach and egg, fried pumpkin cakes, and chili and cucumbers. Jenny ordered the good stuff for the rest of us. Belle and her husband (with whom I vacation sometimes), can always be counted on to give me meat. I had my own plate, even though it was on the floor. We were in our own dining room, so I could move about freely without my leash. I had fatty pork, ground beef and rice, and white meat pork with leeks. Lady gave me some pumpkin cakes which I love. They are so sticky that it takes a while to chew. SHe always wants me to eat veggies.
The TV reporters interviewed some of the guests about EC and how they met Lady. They said some very kind things about my Lady. They filmed me, of course, but I didn't speak. They left after they saw her blow out the fire her friends set on her cake. It's a good thing because things got a little crazy after that. It was the largest cake I have ever seen. They could have hidden me inside! It had more icing flowers on it than a garden! Lady cut pieces for all of our guests. It seems they were more interested in smearing icing on each others' faces than on eating it. It must be a Chinese thing, but they got icing all over Lady's face! They chased each other around the room and out the door, smearing icing on their faces and even clothes! The floor was full of icing! Lady didn't want me licking it off the floor, so I had my own piece of cake at the table. When I figure out how to add photos, will add oen for you. Okay, I got icing all over my face all by myself.
It was time for little dogs to go home to bed. Lady and her friends went to some hot springs near here to go swimming. All of her human friends went as well. She didn't get home until midnight, but I still wanted to go out. It was cold but clear with a sky full of stars. I didn't keep her out too long, because I was ready to go back to bed with my Lady. After all, I am just a little dog, but I must take care of my Lady.

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