Monday, January 30, 2006

E-mail from Marley

Dear Lady,
I had a great vacation with Belle and her daughter, Grace. Grace's dad gives me meat, so you know I am happy. I take Grace out for a walk every chance I get. She is enjoying being home from her first year at college. Well, because it is Chinese New Year's, Belle's family has been eating special food. Grace is shopping for new clothes to wear. All my things were packed into my bag, so I knew I was leaving again.
Belle took me to Michael and Tom's house. I remember them from Saturday night ENglish Corner. They always like to play with me. Michael has been busy preparing for his senior middle school entrance exams. He is so happy to have me to play with during the holidays. He speaks English to me but little Tom speaks Chinese to me. It doesn't matter to me, as long as they give me treats!
They found out on Chinese New Year how much I hate the fire crackers and fire works. They scare me. They are so loud. I run as far as I can. They had to hold tight to my leash! We got to visit Michael's grandparents for New Year's. That is the tradition. Next, we went to his mother's family's home, as is also the tradition. So much food! They were good to give me some. I must have my long noodles for long life! I know you don't believe that, Lady, but I just like the meat! Tom got money in red envelopes from all his relatives. Michael did, too. Tom bought games for his Game Boy. Michael bought an electronic gadget.
Michael lets me sleep with him, so I am happy, but I do miss my Lady and my own bed. I miss my neighborhood. So, what are you up to, Lady, while I am gone?
When Michael returns to school after the holiday, he will bring me home. Will you be waiting for me? After all, I am just a little dog, and I miss my own bed and my Lady.

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