Saturday, July 10, 2021

Dog Beach

 Hello World, Teddy here. Mommy got us an annual pass for what’s called Dog Beach because doggies are allowed here- on a leash. We can walk on the miles of boardwalk (really nice synthetic planks that don’t have splinters or get real hot) until 10:00 am. After 10:00 we use the Sandy path. We’re not allowed on the dunes. They’re protected. Lots of wildlife out there. I love following the shoreline along the inlet. It’s Mommy’s favorite place! 

This is a tricolored heron getting its breakfast

I loved chasing waves and crabs on the beach. 
Hurry up Mommy! Lots to see! It’s already 7:45!!

As far as we can see..the sand dunes with gopher tortoises, snakes, bunnies, all kinds of birds, insects, wild flowers, crabs, raccoons, and coyotes! Yikes! I’ll stay on the boardwalk, thank you, protected by the fencing! 

We try to get there early but sometimes we don’t make it. 
All for now, World. Teddy signing off till next time! 


  1. It looks like you found the perfect place for walking! It's beautiful!

  2. What a calm and wonderful place to enjoy all the natural beauty around you as you walk.

  3. Yep, Teddy the beaches are so nice to walk on but the wildlife in the area can be sneaky. There is a nice beach up here at Rainbow Bridge and me and Marley enjoy our evening walks and watch the sunset together.

  4. Such a pretty place to go walking with your Mom! Wish we were closer to join you.

  5. HEY TEDDY!!! Great to see you my furiend! Looks like you had a most FABulous time there at the beach! And, I bets there were some amazin' smells! I hopes you found somethings stinky to roll in....BOL!!!
    Ruby ♥