Wednesday, December 02, 2015

It's Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas!

Day after Thanksgiving, Lady started decorating for Christmas, and got out my Christmas blankie.

 Santa Paws is coming to town! Or, in my case, a city of 18 million, or up in the mountains, a village of 2,000.
 All this supervising is tiring. It's below 70 degrees f in Delhi now, so I need a sweater in the mornings. Lady got out all my Christmas sweaters. The locals have pulled out their wool and caps.
 My stocking is hung, the nativity scenes are out, and our Advent candles are ready. We lit the first on on Sunday -the candle of HOPE. The advent (or coming) of the Christ child gives us HOPE of the second coming, when Christ will come again and rule the earth. I know this stuff because I pay attention in house church and Sunday School.

The batik is from China, my homeland. Lady made the sign the other night. The Jesus tree has ornaments from Thailand, China, and Bangladesh on it. We gave our big tree to Bill, Rae, and Pallu. I guess there is room for my prezzies. 
We have a busy schedule in December until we leave for the mountains on Dec 20. Yea! Road trip! Those are Kinauri woolen caps on the screen, and the big shawls are also from Kinaur, gifts from our friends. 
What do I want for Christmas this year? Chicken. Bacon. Eggs. 
What do you want? 


  1. Hari OM
    Oh I go for the big stuff Marley... Peace, Love and Harmony. Closer to home though, I just love to get huggies with my loved ones! Your place is looking fabfestive!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Wow...I love your Christmas blankets & stockings!!! I have Christmas blankets my bedtime crate & Mama got me a new stocking that says "Good Dog" case Santa Paws has any doubt about how good I've been!!! And guess what...we are getting blasted with a snow storm this Friday!! We don't have mountains where I live....we just get snow everywhere during the winter!!!!

    1. "Good Dog" ought to do it. Don't forget to set out bones and milk for Santa Paws.
      I've been in snow in China and in India, but never in a real snow storm. If it snows a lot up where we're going, we won't be able to get down the mountain.

  3. Wow! You sure are ready for Christmas there. So many pretty decorations!

  4. The house looks so very pretty Marley! Lady did a pawsome job as always. We put up our little tree also and have our stockings hung up. We sure hope that Santy Paws finds us again this year. We've been really good.

    I had to go to the Vet's again yesterday because I'm breaking out in lumps and bumps again. On Prednisone and antibiotics once again. Mr. Vet still believes it's an allergy of some sort. Probably from the grass here in Florida.

    Mom and Dad have been busy taking down (yet again) more wallpaper. We're getting a new washer and dryer tomorrow. The old one's are almost 30 years old. Hard to believe they've lasted this long. So before the new stuff arrives, we had to redecorate the room. It looks nice!

    We know you're going to have a great Christmas because you're such a loving & caring little man.

    Love you!
    Lily Belle

    1. O dear! The vet's again? Whatever you do, when you drink too much water, don't pee the rug. It'll get you in time out! Lady praised me cuz I scratched the door to go out. Then she stepped in a puddle in the house.

  5. I wear sweaters around the house these days too! A fellow wants to keep warm.

  6. I wear sweaters around the house these days too! A fellow wants to keep warm.

  7. Wow, you are all ready! We like your Christmas blankie too!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley