Saturday, August 08, 2015


This is how I roll now. 

I'm home. My house, my balcony, my dishes, my street, my Lady. 
Lady met me in Shimla at Uncle MP's house. Pallu had school so she didn't ride the five hours through the mountains to Uncle's house. This is where I went to summer camp last summer and got too fat! This is where Nancy and Vicky (boy) live. They are coming to see me next week or so. 
I was happy to be in Lady arms but I can't see her. My vision is gone. I bump into things. I was limping badly on my right front leg, but Uncle Bill doesn't know why. My hips are acting up again, so I walk like a drunk. I can still hear loud noises. Lady's face was wet when I licked her. Must be the rain. We got home Thursday night and Friday she plopped me in the stroller and off we went -after the monsoons stalled a bit. I like the stroller. I can't see, but I feel the wind on my face, and I can't keep up with Lady the way I walk these days. I do NOT like to have my leash tugged on, making walking very difficult.  Even if we take a rickshaw, it is a hike to the road. She says I'm a bit heavy to carry so far, so in the stroller I go. 
The vet gave me a feel better shot, and some meds. I had run out of my Flexadin, so Lady thinks that is why I am having joint issues. The dr. took some of my blood to test my glucose levels and my thyroid. I go back Monday to see the doggie ophthalmologist to see if I am a candidate for eye surgery. Lady's been watching You Tube videos on causes of dachshund blindness, and cataract surgery. 
Judging by the way he licked and pawed and stomped and chewed on me, I'd say Duke was very happy to see me. He is huge! He steps on Lady, too and bites her fingers so she will pet him. She said his whole backside was wagging. Lady will post photos another day. 
I can find my way to my dishes, my day bed, our bedroom, and the door. That's progress. I kept getting stuck in corners and bumping into everything. I am happy to get carrots again. My teeth are not clean after not having carrots for seven weeks. Uncle didn't have any to give me. And he ran out of my hummus. I am happy to have hummus and carrots! 
Lady says home is where I am. 
Well, we're home. 


  1. Welcome home! Hope your vet can help you with all your health issues.

  2. Hari oM
    Oh Marley, it's raining a bit this side too, 'coz am having to wipe water... jus' sayin'.... it is a little sad to read of your trubs - but then again, age does not come unaccompanied, does it? I do hope that there are things the vet can do to make you comfortable in your dotage. Meanwhile, loving your 'personal rickshaw'! No bad thing to be wheeled like an emperor. So very glad you are back together with Lady and in your most familiar place. Will add you to my POTP list for lots of ethereal blessings. Huge huggies to you (and Lady), with lots of waggles (like Duke)... YAM-aunty xxx

    1. Thank you Aunty, especially for the POTP. Getting older sips (I'm not allowed to say s*cks).

  3. We love you Marley! I hope that you remember what I look like and keep that vision in your heart always. Mommy said she sent Lady an e-mail this morning. We're thinking of you and sending you all our prayers and good wishes!

    Love your girl,
    Lily Belle

  4. I never forget anybody -even when I can't see, so don't worry my Lily. Thanks for praying for me. I'll let you know what the vet says.

  5. We're glad you're home with Lady. As long as you can find your dish and bed, then things aren't too bad. We love your new mode of travel. Bet you turn a few heads when you're out!

  6. Oh Marley, I'm SO glad you're home with your Lady where you belong! Sounds like you've had a ruff time of it, but your Lady will get you fixed up in no time, I just KNOW it.