Saturday, August 15, 2015


Today is a National Holiday as India celebrates its independence from British rule. Our helper has the day off, shops are closed, schools are closed, and celebrations abound. We celebrated with multi-grain apple walnut pancakes! Um, Lady had to do a lot more laundry again. It's the steriods, it's not my fault. She drug us out of bed at 7:00 hoping to be early enough butt...I slept right through nature's call. 
I returned to the vet yesterday evening. He was so pleased to hear I am doing so much better. He said to continue the steroids at reduced dosage (once a day) for seven more days. Said my peepee issues will get worse while on the steroids. BUTT, the inflamation is going down and I seem to be able to see movement or light -anyway, I navigate better and I'm not running into things. I still can't see anything under my nose, but I can find doorways, my dishes, and I found my BoBo. I haven't shown any interest in any of my toys in so long that Lady almost cried when I brought out BoBo and played with Vicky. I heard her sniff. I even rolled over for Lady when she said,"Treat?" We are greatly encouraged. 
We still don't have a timeshare family for Lady's trip to America. 

Uh oh. Busted. Lady smelled the evidence of another transgression...under her bed...a virtual flood. She's yelling something about no grilled cheese for me. I forgot to go to the door.  She's under the bed trying to clean it up and disinfect. And judging by the way things went last night, I may be sleeping on the floor tonight. She's had to wash my blankie three days in a row. Said something about needing puppy pads. Oh no, I hope she doesn't put me in pull-ups again!


  1. Hari OM
    Oh dear... better be careful Lady doesn't start charging you maintenance fees Marley!!! if the nappies come, I'd suggest compliance.... just to ensure continuation of carrot and humus privileges you understand! But really - i think on balance this read pawsitive... and HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY INDIA!!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. We're happy you're improving even if there are a few accidents. Have a HUGE National Day celebration with lots of humus and carrots!

  3. We are sorry the meds that are making you feel better give you peepee problems. Feel better.

  4. Ut oh, just when everything was good with pancakes she makes a discovery . . . Maybe confess and tell her "my bad". It might make her laugh!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. First let me wish you happy anniversary. We are sorry that the meds make you pee but there are worst things than pee like you not being healthy. Sending love and prayers

    1. You're right, Pocket. Keep things in perspective is what I saw. What's a little (lot) pee?

  6. Your Lady may shout and grumble, but I know she's just frustrated she doesn't have a way to help you more.

  7. It's a small and temporary price to pay for his health. Totally worth it. I started out tolerant but the floods got old really fast.