Sunday, May 10, 2015


Duke is annoying. He loves me but he is annoying. He pulls on my leash. He walks over me. He clamps his paws around my head. He interrupts my private business. We had human teenagers in the house. The biggest one, Sean, went out with me to take care of business. Of course Duke came running. Lady was showing Sean all Duke's tricks. Duke's dad came over and just bit me in the head. I tried to bite back, but he is so much bigger. Lady scooped me up. She checked all over for holes but didn't find any blood on the cotton ball. But in the night, Lady touched my head and I cried loudly. Out came the betadine and I cried some more. My head was tender. So, back to the vet. Lady wanted to make sure I didn't have another UTI. I am dribbling. So she got the peepee jar and off we went. When I finally found a good spot, Lady had to practically stand on her head to get under my business and catch the peepee. Her should bag fell on her head. Her bottom was up in the air. My um, private part only has about an inch clearance so she really was standing on her head. I moved. Not good. Finally, Lady got enough collected. The guards were laughing at her. She closed the jar, zipped it up in a baggie, then to their horror, put it in her shoulder bag! They were just glaring at her. Off we went. I don't have a UTI, I only have one hole, and it is not deep at all. I cried when he cleaned it, but I am fine.
I'm off to Erin and Brooke's. Brooke is having a sleepover for her birthday, so I need to help entertain the little girls. Lady's off to Mumbai. Never a dull moment in India!


  1. Hari OM
    OMDness Marley, you have been through the mill a bit... maybe not as much as Lady :~)... but still.... You enjoy those littlies now and safe trip to Lady.... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. That's just plain rude, biting you for nothing. We wish you had a video of Lady....BOL!

    We know all about pups and their ROUGH games!

  3. Crikey Marley .... you poor thing. A hole in the head would hurt heaps. Like Bella, Roxy and Dui I so wish you had a video of Lady.

  4. How terrible that you got bit Marley! We're glad it turned out OK and you were not seriously injured. That would have/could have been very bad. Thank goodness not UTI butt we love the story on how Lady had to do the collection!

    Love ya,
    Your Lily Belle