Sunday, March 22, 2015


Remember this little dude, Duke? Lady and I went back to the park today and guess who had to tag-a-long? Have I mentioned how annoying puppies can be? They have no OFF switch. And he is getting SO big! He is full of energy! I just wanted to relax in the cool grass and watch the world go by.

 Duke chewed up three corners of my Daytona Beach racing blankie. He carried off Lady's flip flop but she got it back.

 "I told you I don't want to play. This is rest time."
 Lady was trying to read. Duke kept taking her pencil as she tried to write in her journal. He went and drank from a puddle, then dribbled on Lady and her Bible! He wiped his muddy chin on my blankie.

 He kept trying to chew my leash. Dude. No.
 Chill, little dude. "Mere saath aiye!" Come with me!
" Sukriya??" (please)
 He kept insisting Lady scratch him.
 He decided he'd go see if the fruit walla wanted to play, only he was snoring!
Poor guy! He pushes his cart around all morning, then goes over to the market and sells there in the evening. Duke almost made off with his shoe, too! He scared Duke off.
Finally, it was time to head home. I couldn't even take care of business with this dude walking all over me and pulling on my leash! I gave up and went inside. Lady said we'd sneak out later! 
We're praying we can find a good, loving home for puppy Duke. We don't want him to get smashed by a car. 


  1. Hari Om
    Ah well Marley, when we take on new friends we take on their foibles too! Hope you were able to 'find relief' on that later outdoorsy!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Oh he's such a gorgeous playful pup, I do hope you can find a good home for him
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. OMD the little ones can be so annoying but he is well cute. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. We understand. We have a year old pup here, and he's still annoying!

  5. Oh Marley, we had to laugh at your Duke story! He sure is getting big and cute too. Good thing Lady got her shoe back or she'd be limping all the way home.

    Duke looks like a good dog and you have to remember that HE is JUST a puppy! I hope that you continue to train him properly to be a good boy so that someone WILL take him home and love him to pieces. We think he deserves it.

    Sending our love to you and Lady.

    Yours forever,
    Lily Belle

    1. That's what Lady keeps reminding me, he is just a puppy. He is loved on the lane, but not fed properly (only bread and milk) and not given immunizations. We give him milk biscuits and puppy chow. He's teething and that is a hard stage so we are giving him some toys I never play with -brand new. I just don't play tug anymore.
      Love to you and your mom! Send an update when you can. Lady wants to know how things are going.

  6. Crikey Marley ..... surely someone will give him a home. He is growing into such a good looking bloke, aye?? He really likes you Marley!! I'm praying that you find him a good home.

  7. He looks like such a sweet boy. We wish we could take him!

  8. Duke sounds like a handful. Hope you can find the purrfect home for him soon. We are sure once he grows out of his puppy stage he will be a wonderfully obedient doggie.