Monday, January 26, 2015

HAPPY 66th REPUBLIC DAY, INDIA! January 26th

Although I am Chinese, I have lived in India for seven years. Today is a national holiday in my host nation, celebrating the day its constitution came into force. The country pays tribute to those who sacrificed their lives for freedom, as well as heros of today and days past. The military has an elaborate and  parade of military vehicles,  various regiments, some on horseback, bands, colorfully decorated camels, elephants, and floats! Yes, there are pooper scoopers following the animal contingents. This largest parade takes place on Rajpath on the way to India Gate in the nation's capital, New Delhi where Lady and I live. Orange, white and green everywhere! Colorful turbans, demonstrations of military might, recognition of the contributions of women, precision marching -what a sight! No, we did not go to the parade this morning. We are watching it now live on TV, by my heater all warm and cozy. Unfortunately for those attending, it has been raining all morning and is cold. The security measures are unprecedented due to the presence of the chief guest, US President Barak Obama. President Obama is the first US President to be serve in this role. They arrived yesterday. Lady saw his special Cadillac and entourage yesterday as they passed by on empty streets, save the thousands of armed military guards along both sides of the road. Lady and all those at the market place had to stand back inside the market and off the sidewalk and road until all the cars passed. No cows, no monkeys, no private vehicles, buses, rickshaws, bicycles, motorcycles, taxis, or pedestrians.
Despite the weather conditions today, thousands and thousands are there in person. Lady especially loves the marching contingency of a combination of  women military officers! The Air Force has a contingency of 148 women officers as well! This is the first year women have been recognized in this way. The theme of this Republic Day is Women Power. Military women who have climbed Mt. Everest are in their climbing attire riding on a float. This parade is amazing! So many many military units and bands!
A special shout out to YAM Aunty, on this Republic Day, a special day for Indians, wherever they are. 


  1. Happy Republic Day everyone!! It sure sounds like a wonderful day. It's Our Australia Day here. How good is that?? We share a SPECIAL day with you and we are playing India in the cricket today. I'm barracking for Australia of course as you will be barracking for India but that's ok. May the best team win, aye?? No-one visited us. You've got The President of America!!!! CRIKEY!!!!!!!

  2. Happy Republic Day!!! We hope you had some great treats along with all the excitement. As Charlie said. We had Australia Day!

    1. Happy Australia Day, Bella, Roxy, Dui, and Charlie! Let me know how the cricket match goes!

    2. It was washed out ...... rain spoilt lots of our celebrations

    3. Awww, too bad. The rain didn't stop any of the festivities here. They just got wet. It mostly just drizzled once the parade started.

  3. Hari Om
    Dhanyavad Marley and am so glad you are enjoying all the activity for Republic Day - I had seen that Mr Obama was with you, very exciting - and that women are getting a focus is MARVELLOUS. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. Happy Republic Day to you Marley. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. That parade sounds fun (well, except for being the pooper scooper guy.) It's too bad that you have rain for this special day. We always found that you see much more of the "good" stuff on TV than being there in person. Hope there are NO fireworks.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  6. Hap-Pee Hap-Pee Republic Day!

  7. What a wonderful day for all of you!!! A parade,, and celebrating womens right too,,,! Happy Republic Day to all of you!

  8. Anonymous6:24 AM

    And a very Happy Republic day to sorry our Emperor had to ruin your parade and stuff!

    The Mad Scots

  9. We got your question off our bloggy. Since this is your first time we will tell you how these things work in Blogville. Our post on Valentine's Day will show you and Lily at the Heart 2 Heart Dance. There will be several photos of yous in different scenes. Most doggies and kitties who attend these events also post on their own blogs about their preparations for the big dates but it is not required.. Some blogs do not mention the physical differences in locations and others have fun with it. Me and Stanley have used an air balloon to pick up our dates before. One time we had a furend fly us in his plane. Now, since dad helped us restore a helicopter, we fly it to pick up our dates. So basically we suggest you either ignore this fact or play with it. After all, we are all living in Blogville! Let us know if you have other questions!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  10. Thank you! SO, I just send you some pics and you'll take care of it? We don't have PS.

  11. Thank you for that bit of history. I like the women power. Mom became a jet pilot back when it was very uncommon for a woman to do that. Thirty years later, she doesn't fly any more, but I'm still proud of her.

    Abby the Lab