Friday, October 24, 2014


This is Diwali. The vet was handing out sedatives for the dogs. Lady thought it would do more harm than good, so none for me. You can't imagine the sheer volume of the bombs and firecrackers. Well, with 18 million people celebrating at the same time it gets noisy. This is my least favorite day of the entire year. The bombs and crackers have been going off for two nights now, but this is the big night. Sounds like a war. It will go on all night. Our landlord and his family came over last night to bring Lady gifts. She got a lovely box of chocolates (not for me), a box of Indian sweets, and a Buddha head incense burner. Our upstairs neighbor brought us a huge box of biscuits (cookies). Lady and I give out biscuits and sweets at Christmas. All the workers (iron wallas, street sweepers, guards, house helpers, garbage collectors) all expect a bonus at Diwali, but now they know Lady gives at Christmas, and no one came with their hand out. Another tradition along with the giving of gifts, the loud noises, stringing lights, lighting candles (I think they'll set the neighborhood on fire there are so many candles lit everywhere on our lane), the visiting friends and family gatherings, is to paint rangolis outside your door. In the past, well-meaning friends have painted Hindu symbols in front of our door. We're not Hindu. So Lady buys the colored sand and "paints" our own rangoli. I tried to help but Lady says I messed it up.

Lady brought home take out fried rice and spring rolls. We were watching (or trying to) TV. I helped myself to the rice and spring rolls. Lady didn't scold me. I am so scared she feels sorry for me. So, with my big warm blanky, I am headed for bed.


  1. Stay safe indoors Marley as the fireworks have started already here and my neighbours will be celebrating tonight so I will be behind the sofa. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Hari OM
    Foul weather has kept the crackers at bay round here, not that it is anything like in India. Have got all my lights burning though! Tell Lady that is one super rangoli she did there!!! It'll soon be over Marley; stay safe and snuggled. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. That's a beautiful paining that Lady and you drew on the stoop. I know you did your very best on it Marley.

    When you go to bed, dream of me and hopefully the noises won't scare you as much.

    Lily Belle