Tuesday, October 28, 2014


So, I told you about my no good horrible very bad day when I had to have a blood test for hypothyroidism, right? Read that post. Well, the vet never called Lady back. So, she took me back to check. After talking with a vet and two assistants, the lady vet said that on the day I had my blood drawn something very bad happened and there was a lot of confusion. A vet assistant was in a resting room and had a severe asthma attack and died. They had found him that morning. The police came, and such. But by the time we were there, it was over. Anyway, that is the reason they gave for my test not being done. So Lady Vet says, "we'll have to do it again." Lady says, NO! and proceeds to tell Lady Vet what I went through the last time. Lady was quite upset. I thought she was going to bite her! I gave Lady a lick. She calmed down. Lady Vet assured us she would try to get it in the first time. Lady scowled.
Down I went on that cold table again. Lady didn't muzzle me. It was indignant enough already. Lady Vet got the needle in but said the blood was too thick and wasn't coming down. Crap. Another stick. Another vet. Legs tied down. Two more assistants, more apologies. I didn't cry but Lady did. She told Second Vet that this was so uncalled for. Lady Vet told Second Vet that my blood had been drawn on THAT DAY. "Oh, velly solly m'am. It was confusion that day, m'am. "They neglected to clean up the pee mail left by a very large golden retriever and Lady not only stepped in it, but the leash fell in it. The assistant picked it up and handed it to Lady dripping in pee. Lady glared at him and he took it to get washed. It came back wet. Another leg, another stick and we were finally finished. Doxies veins are very narrow m'am. Mah-ley's blood is t'ick, m'am.
So, the first vet who lost my sample called to give the results. He started right off telling Lady that if I started right away on the pills, my hair would grow back in 30 days and I would have more energy. Woa. Hold the phone. Give the results.  Oh. Solly, m'am. My FT 4 is 0.6. First Vet said normal is above 0.7. My FT3 is 1.5. Normal range is 1.4-4.4. But Vet said the FT4 result is more important. 
So, furrends, Lady would not commit to drugs yet. We want your opinion. He wants to put me on Eltroxin 100 mcg. twice a day forever. I'm 13 1/2. Lady leaves Thursday night Oct 30, so please be quick with your opinion. One more question. They were out of my HD tablets so they sold us Flexadin (Vetoquinol) 90 tablets for $30.00. Is it cheaper or more expensive in the US? Are these tablets a waste? My hotmail account doesn't work but you can write me at beautifulfeet2008@gmail.com 
Lady needs chocolate and I need meat. We settled for some carrots and hummus.


  1. Hari OM
    Oh crikey that is just so horribles... I can quite understand why you are not rushing into the meds route; I cannot comment directly on the noxions as such, your US pals will have to do that; but I wonder if Lady could take a copy of the details to a vet in the US and get some semblance of a second opinion? As a human health person, I am very much in favour of borderline blood readings being handled as naturally as possible (diet and perhaps herbal or homeopathic supplements) because very often the drugs prescribed can end up causing as much as preventing illness... yes second opinions would definitely be my advice. Another month without will make little difference and this give a chance to do that...

    That's my pancha paisa's worth! I do hope that you don't have to go through any more poke and prod Marley! Carrots and hummus was a good second choice by the way... Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Oh crud Marley, we're so very sorry to hear about the horrible day at the Vet's again! We can't comment on the pills or the bloodwork as Mommy said she's clueless to what it all means. We hope you find the answers you are looking for. Maybe Lady can send an e-mail to your Grandma and she can call a local vet for their opinion and explain that you live in India. Got our paws crossed for you.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  3. Oh dear Marley what a horrible time you and lady had at the blood stealers. We are so sorry it was not a peasant experience. We are little help I am afraid never having to have dealt with these issues. Good luck finding out possible alternatives. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Wow, Molly we are so sorry to hear about your horrible day! Whatever you decide to do we wish you the best of luck!!

  5. Can you get a second opinion?

    My dog, Copper, years ago had weight gain, hair loss, fatigue - despite his diet and exercise and it turned out to be his thyroid too. While I don't remember anymore what his levels were - I know that after about 4-6 weeks, his hair started growing back, he had more energy, lost weight. I don't really see the harm in starting the medications unless there is something about that particular med that worries you. Give it a try for 30 days and see if it starts to help. Since Marley is at the low end of that scale - I'd say it's probably worth trying the meds for. I'm not a vet and you certainly don't need to take my advice - by barring a second opinion, at this point I, personally, would try the meds unless I knew of a side effect that made me nervous.

  6. Poor Marley :(

    Jasper got sick last year after his vaccinations. We went to his normal vet and I did not feel comfortable with the diagnosis or the way they wanted to treat him, so I took him to a new office for a second opinion and I was so glad I did. Turns out his vaccines had triggered an Immune Mediated Anemia and he was in bad shape. He is better now but we are still working things out for the long term. So while I don't know anything about thyroid issues or the meds that go with them, I do know that you should always trust your instincts and do what you think is best for you and your fur kid.

    We hope that you get better soon, Marley!

    Oh! and P.S. - When Jasper had to lose weight, I cut his food from 1 cup a day to 1/4 of a cup 3 times a day (3/4 of a cup total for the day) and he lost weight better than when I put him on weight management food. You can also try to mix green beans (salt free) or carrots in with his food as a small substitute to fill him up without the calories. Good luck!!