Thursday, October 24, 2013


Dengue Fever is some bad stuff for humans. It is prevalent in my city these days, as well as other cities in India. It is carried by mosquitoes. As it gets cooler, there will be less mosquitoes, but now, we have lots. And mosquitoes like my Lady. She's been plugging things into walls, and slathering on goop. Mosquitoes don't like doggie blood - they prefer human blood, so I don't have to worry. Aunty Gail, one of my timeshare families, is in the hospital with Dengue now. We just got word that Aunty Mindy, another one of my timeshare families, tested positive for Dengue as well. Another American teen friend of ours was admitted to the hospital last night. And, we got word yesterday that my little buddy Wyatt (age 2 1/2) tested positive for Dengue fever. He is miserable! If his platelets drop further he will also be hospitalized. Nasty stuff. 
This is just one of the things we deal with here. 
I sure enjoyed having my newest little buddy, Nolan here this week! He is full of good smells! He's only three months old. 
Lady and I are home for the rest of the month. Our November calendar is full, with three trips! 
It's cooling off a bit. We enjoy temps in the low seventies in the early morning! Our highs are finally in the high eighties!! 


  1. I hope everyone feels better soon and your Lady stays healthy!

  2. We don't know much about it but we hope everybody is better soon. Take care. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Oh Marley, we're so sorry to hear about all your friends getting the fever! We will keep our paws crossed for them all and will be saying many prayers.

    Lily Belle & Muffin
    Mommy said thanks for Lady's e-mail. She will reply to her soon. xoxo

  4. THAT is REALLY scary Marley. We hope that everybuddy gets Better Quickly.
    You are lucky that YOUR kind of mosquitoes don't like your bloods... the type that we in the USA have... LOVE our bloods and they carry some scary thingys to us.

  5. Mozzies are terrible. We hate when they bite us, but at least they don't have dengue fever... and we're protected from heart worm. We hope everyone recovers soon. Maybe you'd better stay up at night and bite any mozzies that try to get to Lady.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  6. Anonymous4:22 AM

    That stuff don't sound good, go and deaded them things!

    The Mad Scots

  7. Marley, I'm sorry your friends have gotten sick. I will send some of my doxie healing sun rayz your way to help out. You make sure Lady is careful.

  8. Marley, I will pray for Lady and your friends. God in in control and I will pray that He protects Lady and heals your friends.